Live edge tables – The new/old trend

If you like frustrating tradition, or if you are creative and relish rustic artifacts more than modern ones – or if it’s a blend of the two, live edge design trend will undoubtedly tickle your fancy. It’s a design trend you’ll want to pay attention to, keenly since it goes a long way to warm up your otherwise spotlessly clean decor. Live edge for tables design is mostly incorporated in dining tables and conference tables. It is, however, a pricey affair at least to many.

Fortunately, you can always incorporate your design with smaller tables or serving pieces if you are not ready for a pricey investment. Live edge design trend has become increasingly popular in all styles of homes, from rustic to traditional to modern. It complements the architecture and furniture in homes. It gives them an edge. The term “live edge” refers to slabs of lumber cut in a desired thickness and whose natural elements are left intact with only the bark itself removed.

Live edge table – The rustic look.

The idea is to achieve a rustic look, so all the knots [or flaws] in the lumber slabs are retained to create an asymmetrical board that’s irregular. If you have a kitchen that bears an industrial and contemporary look, add a gorgeous walnut live edge table, for instance, to bring out a big dose of organic style to your otherwise ‘ordinary’ kitchen. You can experiment with other live edge for tables designs until you achieve a look that feels rustic or better yet, unique.


Live edge design’s popularity has grown over the decades thanks to many designers, the legendary mid century-modern furniture designer-cum-architect whose sculptural pieces balanced clean-lined bases with tops that showcased wood’s natural beauty. His designs are standard in today’s architectural installations with the prominent signature butterfly joints, a live edge and figured grain still in use to craft built-in bookcases, mantels and kitchen islands.


We can create a dining table with a live-edge top and a root base to act as a functional piece of sculpture in your living room. Or better yet, give your entire home a sleek mid century modern makeover with a live edge for tables design. If you have a mid-mod home, live edge furniture will come in handy since it comes across as a mid century modern design. Contrast our living room’s streamlined furnishings with a live edge table today.

Live edge table – Sustainable and impressive.

The advantages of using live edge for tables? It’s sustainable as it boasts 100% natural finishes. It’s equally durable. It remains stylish for years on end [perhaps till kingdom come]. And most importantly, it’s resistant to wear and tear. You can count on a live edge table to serve you for many years to come, and generation to generation.


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