Unique, stylish, rustic and eco-friendly are just some of the things that make slab dining table an attractive choice for many people. Given its rustic yet sophisticated appeal, it can be a luxurious addition to any dining room. Nonetheless, while the market is filled with choices when it comes to possible suppliers, which one should you, choose? Keep in mind the factors that will be mentioned below, which will help you make a decision you will surely not regret. By keeping these things in mind, you will have the best slab dining table.

Type of Hardwood for slab dining table

In your search for a slab dining table in Las Vegas, one of the first things that should be taken into account would be the specific type of wood from where the slab will be made of. Your choice of wood will be indicative of its aesthetics and durability. In addition, choose one that is not demanding in terms of maintenance, making it possible to retain its best look through the years. Some of the most popular choices include walnut tables, cherry, sweet gum, elm, sycamore, oak, and maple. You also need to consider how thick you would like the slab to be.


Customization of dining tables


In most instances, homeowners would like to have furniture pieces that are unique, and hence, this explains why customization is commonly sought. Find a supplier offering a slab dining table that is tailor-fitted based on your specific requirements, such as the size, materials, finish, and design. You should have a say on how the outcome will look like. In the same way, the company must have a team of design experts who can help you come up with the reality of your vision. Through customization, you will definitely have a more elegant dining table.


Manufacturer’s Guarantee


In order to be provided with the best value for money, the slab dining table should have an attractive guarantee policy from the manufacturer. This means that they should provide comprehensive guarantee against defects and undeliberate damages that can happen within a specified period of time. If the seller is confident about the quality of the dining tables they are selling, they must be able to offer a guarantee that lasts for an extended period of time.


If you are looking for the best slab dining table that is available in Las Vegas today, you should definitely check out The Table Guru custom tables, which operates under Custom Cabinets of New York. We offers unparalleled quality in all their products and uses only the most premium materials that are available ( such as walnut tables ). Each product is reflective of supreme craftsmanship, providing you with the assurance of its aesthetic appeal. Aside from the 10-year guarantee, the tables are made-to-order, which makes each piece unique.


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